Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Richard & Banroft

I feel as though I have been living at Whisky River lately. I close tonight so I won't get out till close to 2a.m and then I'll be there for a double tomorrow 10a.m to 10 or 11p.m. Luke Bryan and Dale Earnheart Jr. will be there tonight. I'm not a huge fan of either, but at least it will make the night a little interesting while I close the place down. I might bring a sleeping bag in my car so I can crash in one of the booths with my boots on... just kidding. Maybe.

I want to send out a public apology to my friends. And everyone in general... I'm sorry if you feel like I'm scheduling you in when you DO see me. But, in the nicest way possible, that's exactly what I'm having to do. Work shifts are long and I'm not sitting at a desk, but I'm constantly running around on my feet serving other people, usually with nothing to eat all day but the trail mix I stow away in my purse.
Most of you have real jobs and work during the day so while I'm free you're not. When I'm not working I'm thinking about when I can be sewing next. If you've seen me you can confirm that I don't even have time to sit out and get a tan. Once this show is over, I will slowly get back to having a real life... until then. Please be okay with the phone call, coffee, or bite to eat that I can grab with you. I do miss you.

Fashion Show is May 1st in Five Points at the Old Theater. You can get tickets through Nikki Todd at and pick them up at Two Blondes and A Guy Salon near the Town Center. Or, pay for them via paypal and get them at Will Call. Hope to see everyone there!