Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays! Quote to Start off the New Year.

"Creation seems to come out of imperfection. It seems to come out of a striving and a frustration, and this is where I think language came from. It came from our desire to transcend our isolation and have some sort of connection with one another. And it had to be easy when it was just simple survival. Like the word water, we came up with a sound for that, or saber tooth tiger right behind you, we came up with a sound for that. But when it gets really interesting is when we use that same system of symbols to communicate all the abstract and intangible things that we’re experiencing. What is frustration? Or what is anger?
Or love?
When I say love, the sound comes out of my mouth and it hits the other person’s ear, travels through this Byzantine conduit in their brain, through their memories of love, or lack of love, and they register what I’m saying and they say yes, they understand. But how do I know they understand, because words are inert, they’re just symbols, they’re dead, you know? And so much of our experience is intangible. So much of what we perceive cannot be expressed. It’s unspeakable. And yet, you know when we communicate with one another, and we feel that we’ve connected, and we think that we’re understood, I think we have a feeling of almost spiritual communion. And that feeling might be transient, but I think it’s what we live for."
— Waking Life

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Girl Crush

Erin Wasson is an ex-model/ designer for the new RVCA line. She has two crashpads in NYC and Venice Beach, Cali. An air conditioned office suspended in her backyard trees. A few pretty cool tattoos. A pet pitbull, and a beautiful husband and family. Would definitely consider trading lives with her for a day....

C o m m i t t e d

“Marriage is not a game for the young,” the author says. “There’s a huge amount of sacrifice and compromise involved. If I could say four words to anyone under 25 who’s considering getting married, they’d be: "Wake up, slow down."
Divorce rates have risen since women have been given rights and proved themselves independent and successful. Whereas in the past women stayed married because they were dependent or men were too busy working to worry about a wife's affair or other problems.
As a young girl, I wasn't the one watching disney fairy tales or wedding my Barbie and Ken dolls. I was riding horses, building forts, and sewing clothes for my animals, but I was also telling my mom my future husband would be a cowboy.
I've only been in love once. I want to grow from that experience and have time to digest it. I don't want to repeat patterns or carry baggage. I believe that there are multiple soul mates and different levels of love that exist. I think too many people settle into marriage because of timing, children, finances, or simply geography. I hope I don't fall into that category. I can't wait to read this book because it is built for marriage skeptics and I while I gladly welcome a solid relationship, I fall into the target market wary of forever unions...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Birthday weekend was great. Drank a little too much, which resulted in the phone being submerged in toilet water. We're still in debates over who was responsible. But unfortunately none of us were in the right mind to remember. Luckily I couldn't think of anything I wanted for Christmas and now a new phone sounds oh so sweet.
On a side note, I'm extremely psyched to finally be getting a website together. I stayed awake till 4:00 a.m working on it and can definitely see it becoming my new baby. I love making these small stepping stones towards accomplishing my goal. I am probably the most technologically challenged girl you know- but I did the best I could for now.
Tomorrow I'm meeting with my friend Justin who designs websites for a living. He'll be adding on the capabilities to order and shop on the site. As well as making the photos fit the page much better than I've done. I know he's going to bring some great ideas to the table and I look forward to working with him :)
Finalllly. One more exciting piece of news to announce: The Richard & Bancroft family is expanding. Sunday I'll be adopting a 6 week old German Shepard mix. Her litter was found in a drain pipe in Mississippi and are being bottle and hand-raised by friends of the family. I can't wait to have a little shadow and jogging buddy...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Don't Want to Grow Up

A few days ago I was in my old college town under unfortunate circumstances. A great friend of mine's father passed away unexpectedly. Although I only had passing conversations with him, I have heard numerous stories... and also have the pleasure of knowing his oldest daughter. I knew it would be important to her to have as much support as she could, so I got off work and stayed with one of our mutual friends, Brittany.

The night before the services Brittany was awake working on a paper, she had warned me about the schoolwork so I brought along a book I've been reading, The Bolter. In the background the show America's Funniest Home Videos was playing. Neither of us paid much attention to it until a preschool graduation was taking place. There was a stage, and children were announcing what they'd like to be when they grow up. One little boy decided that the best answer was "he didn't ever want to grow up." It was cute, but I was also convinced that he was a child prodigy. I turned to Brit and told her that he was undoubtedly the smartest child in the class.

If you were to ask anyone close to me I am starting to freak out about my next step in life. This stress is very out of character for me, as I'm used to allowing things to fall into place at the last minute. Until then I've taken up a second restaurant job and signed up for Roadtrip Nation. State Farm sponsors a road trip for students and young adults like me that need some time to figure their lives out. I think it's an amazing idea and I wish I had been the one to think of it. You are given a grant and/or an r.v to travel and interview important people that you look up to how they got to where they are. The details can be found at

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm usually not very impressed by cotton graphic companies. They come up with a design, screen print it for cheap, and then turn around and sell it for a disgustingly steep price. That is until my Elle home page did a feature on the company Wildfox. Each collection is a unique and edgy story line. I honestly couldn't think of a better way to market and accessorize this fashion niche. Check it out, hopefully you fall in love like I did....

Lyrics I Adore

"Strange how people who suffer together have stronger connections than people who are most content. I don't have any regrets, they can talk about me plenty when I'm gone. You always said people don't do what they believe in, they just do what's most convenient, then they repent. And I always said, "Hang on to me, baby, and let's hope that the roof stays on." -Bob Dylan

"If i told you things i did before,
told you how i used to be.
Would you go along with someone like me?
If you knew my story word for word,
had all of my history,
would you go along with someone like me?"
-Peter Bjorn and John

First Timer

Helllllo bloggers! This is my first time blogging but I'm told that everyone's doing it so I'm hopping on this internet bandwagon. My goal here is to share some of my dress designs, as well as a little bit about myself. Enjoy! XO R&B