Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blogging has taken a backseat in my life course lately, I apologize. I also apologize for the miniscule picture you're squinting your eyes to look at. But, it's proof that I successfully ran the race this past Saturday. My friend Brittany and I conquered 9.3 miles with unnatural ease and I'm extremely proud of us. I walked up to the start line with no expectations, and honestly, I thought that I would crawl across the finish line... but much to my surprise the race was really enjoyable. It took us throughout downtown and the San Marco area where we jogged along the river, across two bridges, and entertained us with bands, mimosa stands, and people in their front yards with hoses, freeze pops, and oranges. Next year I'm going to take the race more seriously, I loved it so much Brittany also has a picture of me kissing my metal in excitement... but we'll keep that in hiding.

Saturday night we all went out in celebration of the race, it was a great time but I woke up Sunday feeling more than under the weather. I thought I was hungover but I was constantly nauseous and tired with no appetite for two whole days up until this morning. I was beginning to worry about mono, the flu, cancer... yes, my mind wanders like that. But I feel 110% this morning and have successfully kept my breakfast down with no questions from my stomach. Sickness has been conquered and now I'm ready to finish two dresses for the show. Speaking of, I am once again so thankful for the people in my life. It's really motivating to know that people support my dream. My grandparents sent me a check in the mail for materials. For those of you in Jacksonville or close to it, I would appreciate you coming out May 1st in Five Points for the show. I'll post more details as they arrive. And for those of you that can't make the show, I'm going to try and have my friend Cayla take tons of pictures with her fancy camera.

Once those two dresses are finished it should be time for St. Patrick's Day, then a road trip to the Keys and Ft. Lauderdale till Sunday, we're bringing the beach cruisers, the pup, and ourselves. I think a mini-vacation will be the perfect start to training for the new job, sewing, and getting into a focused mindset.

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