Friday, August 6, 2010


It's been quite a while since I've blogged, more than a month- which is due in part to my new job that I started at the beginning of July. I've been working at Wachovia-Wells Fargo in the foreclosure department. All of the foreclosure specialists (who I am supposedly considered to become) are extremely busy, as you can imagine. Myself and the other four new employees are pretty much glorified assistants making copies, sending faxes, and sitting beside our designated specialist watching them type into programs while we struggle to stay awake.

Last weekend I started having spontaneous cramping that became more consistent on Monday when I was at work. It was so bad I could barely walk or stand up when it was in effect. Tuesday I scheduled an appointment with my doctor and he said that everything looked normal, I took this information as a relief until I woke up Wednesday at 5am with more terrible cramping. I went back to bed only to wake up again with more minor but steady cramping. I went to work for two hours until I started feeling nauseous from the pain and drove myself to the hospital. After multiple tests, a liquid diet, and an overnight stay they sent me packing with no prognosis. The bed rest and fluids for two days made me feel better and I was almost in belief that the cramps were gone until this morning at 4a.m when they returned at the worst they've ever been. My stomach felt like the bones had been shattered for about 30 minutes until I passed out and woke up today feeling achy but close to normal. It is the oddest thing.
Brian has been amazing helping out: staying by my side at the hospital, bringing me tylenol, constantly getting me water, exercising and feeding Piper, and still managing to get through his work days. Like always, I'm reminded that I am a lucky girl to have such a great man by my side. I think both of us are more than ready for a relaxing weekend.

On the weekends this month you can find me working on my new Fall/Winter collection. I thank Sonia from La Vie Est magazine for motivating this. They are interested in featuring me as their Jacksonville Designer next issue if I can pull off this three weekend sewing stint based on $100 worth of fabric. I'm staying hopeful.
The idea is Boho Rock Show. We'll see how the finished collection turns out.

Brian just called from work and asked if I could please dig his non-winning Jaguar lotto tickets out of the trash. Let me inform you that Brian, a season ticket holder, will buy almost anything associated with the Jaguars as an effort to "support the cause." In this case, the cause is education. But I will say he won his money back plus some. And apparently he just found out he can enter his losing tickets into an online contest...... apparently a little garbage is no obstacle to his determination.
I once stayed after to help dig my best friend's retainer out of the lunch trash cans at school. I guess I can take a peek at our own garbage.... The things we do for love.

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