Friday, May 6, 2011


I spoke to my talented cousin, Serena last night who makes these fabulous bracelets. I'm in LOVE.  Currently you can buy her bracelets from her blog at Shop Material Therapy. Aside from that I am debating on ordering two new books from Amazon- why buy new these days? The Hundred Year Lie and The Things that Matter both seem like they'd be good reads. We'll see if I can decide! P.S Fish tacos, guac, and tortilla soup last night were the bomb. 

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  1. thanks for the feature! :) Great chatting with you last night, I figured out a way to put google checkout on my bracelet shop site so hopefully that'll streamline things a little- still open to any and allll suggestions!
    the food you made for cinco de mayo sounds amazing! I went to a small all-girl get together where we were drinking our margaritas out of hand painted teacups... Nannie would have been so proud :/