Tuesday, May 3, 2011


It was a good weekend. Shrimp Fest. House Searching. Dinner with friends. And I think locating the venue for our wedding reception. Yesterday we put in an offer on a condo and we should hear back any day now. Of course, I go crazy with the designing ideas and already had a Powerpoint presentation of half the rooms in our future house put together by the time Brian walked in the door from work. I spent a large part of the day on google searching images of modern living rooms, kitchens, furniture, dinnerware, towels, bedding.... I know what you're thinking, Brian is a brave soul to enter into a lifetime commitment with this lunatic.
Anyways, this morning Stella woke up early. I like when she does because for some reason I feel more productive. I went through Stella's drawers expecting to find a few things that no longer fit. To much dismay, about half of her things have gotten too small. It's really weird as a mother. You're in this limbo of being excited for your child's next milestones and then wanting them to stay just the way they are at the same time. I was actually sad folding her little newborn clothes while I looked over at her drooling and kicking around. She's growing up too fast and she's not even four months yet!
How am I going to handle the rest of her life? Cry at every birthday party? I need to get it together.

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  1. Thanks girl! I could make you a custom bracelet ifya want- any particular colors?
    I always love your posts- very thought provoking. I can't believe Stella's 4 months old already!