Tuesday, April 5, 2011


A jewelry designer posted this picture of herself and her daughter. So cute. It warms my heart to think Stella will be this age in just a few years... a little person to have a special friendship with and to help guide through life! I've always thought in a  "Back to the future" sense of whether or not I'd be friends with my parents when they were my age, or even getting the chance to see my future husband when he was just a child. I think that's when you can truly get the real sense of a person's core. In a child you see the natural dispositions they were born with before the world and the media get a chance to saturate them. Obviously, people hold on to those characteristics throughout their lives- but I think it's less obstructed and therefore much more visible at such an early age. 
Two days until the look book photo shoot! In the meantime it's crunch time to find a trustworthy, talented and affordable sewing contractor to turn my only samples into sizes of XS,S,M and L. Soon you'll be able to buy Richard & Bancroft at your local boutiques if all goes according to plan :)

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