Friday, April 29, 2011


Today I've been emailing wedding venues. I want to save the money and have it in the back of Brian's parent's house, which is on the intracoastal, but he would rather have it at a venue with a separate place for the "guys" to hangout before the wedding. I can understand where he's coming from, I guess it might not feel too special to have a wedding in the house you were used to seeing every day of your life but I'm looking at the venues with dollar signs in my eyes. I'm not sure what I want for the wedding, the only thing I'm sure about is the guy that I'm going to marry. I guess that's the most important thing anyways. Everything else can be figured out over time.
The front wheel of Stella's jogging stroller fell off today. Unfortunately I had parked at the beach and walked all the way into downtown to get a sneak peek of the Shrimp Fest activities for this weekend... which means we were pretty far from the car. I also had Piper with me. I can only imagine how lame we looked as I tried to balance the stroller, Piper, Stella and a loose tire. Luckily we hadn't made it too far out of downtown so I backtracked into the local bike shop. They fixed the stroller in no time and also had success scaring Stella and Piper. I can't blame them, I was a little scared myself at the sight of two grown men making animal noises at the baby. 
This weekend we're going to look at a house near the beach. We're fairly new to the search but it's so exciting to think about. Both of us decided that when it came time to buy our own house we would love to acquire an older one that needed some rehab. That's exactly what we're looking into so we can add our personal touch!  

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