Sunday, January 24, 2010

But we all walk blindy when we stagger and we strut and we're all dealt the hands with the cards of our luck

Definition of T H E G O O D:
I always floated through my school courses leaving things off till the last minute. Typical case of You Don't Know What You've Got Till it's Gone. I miss the intellectual ideas and conversations that were produced in that limiting environment. So, in an effort to halt my mind from going to mush I grabbed book called A World of Ideas from Goodwill a few days ago. It's a 1980s collection of different philosophers and writers in history. Into the first couple pages it's already got my mind spinning again.
I miss that.
In Aristotle's The Aim of Man, he proposes that all things aim at the good. Whether it be developing products, ideas, or actions, the nature is to make the end worth the means.
That seems easy enough. But, what is the GOOD? It's got to be different for every human being and situation.
In career choice, it's natural to want to help others. I'm a little jealous of the people who have chosen professions in that field and could easily see it becoming an addiction. But if everyone abandoned their job to become a social worker or overseas philanthropist how would life continue? Who would make clothes, or deliver mail, invent remedies, or grow our food? I think goodwill endeavors should be intertwined into our every day lives, our work, and vacation time while we follow our passions.
Each person is hardwired from birth with certain traits and interests that allow them the ability to achieve tasks with natural ease and proficiency. This is what we enjoy doing. It is our passion; we should never feel guilty chasing that.
In relationships I am biased. I'm a total romantic and believe in fate most strongly here amongst the other aspects of my life. Though I still stay skeptical of love, marriage, and monogamy. I'd like to think that everyone enters a relationship (as you get older) with good intentions. Those intentions are arguable with each individual. It could be to get laid, to have companionship, to find a soul mate. What ever it is, you willingly volunteer your time, energy, and eventually your heart. When that ends, it's considered a failure. You failed to stay loyal, to stay in love (or lust), to effectively communicate, or to make things work despite the circumstances. If believe if anyone in a relationship has the repeated temptation to stray I don't think they should think of it as a failure, but a sign of being honest with your other half that it's time to move on. Is it the right thing to do to stay with your other half because you're in a committed relationship but think of somebody else while you're laying next to them? Because the truth hurts, but in the long run it hurts more to be humiliated and disrespected.

NYC Bound for February. It's about time. I'm so glad I've settled on a destination for next month because lately I feel claustrophobic in Jacksonville. Even if it's a bust I'll be there for Fashion Week and will be able to say I tried. By the way, my hot chocolate obsession has launched into a chocolate milk romance with the warmer weather. Is it weird I still feel the urge to sprinkle mini marshmellows across the top of it...

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