Tuesday, January 19, 2010

lately all of my brain activity seems to be leading to thoughts about who I am or who I want to be.

As much as I love the crazy haze of the night, filled with smoke and sounds, I've come to learn I am a real loner at times. I can smoothly spend a whole weekend by myself, a pile of books and floods of coffee, then dancing around the room with a glass of wine or getting lost in the idea of sewing a new dress.
This is all new to me and coming from the girl who used to line up numerous social plans in the same night so I could float around.
There is something amazing about backing out of the social scene a little.
Especially when traveling or strolling around the city sometimes I even pretend not seeing people. This might not be the most social behavior but I found out that these moments are pure serenity and a source of recreation to me;
it almost holds some sort of ruminant character-
just walking and seeing where it takes me- never are my senses as open and perceptive, never does my mind run freer, which is all I need to be refreshed sometimes.
Call it wrong but I can deal with a few repetitive recluse days as long as I have one every so often that's on fire...

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