Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I was leaving my cousin's last night when I forgot how deserted the financial district gets after Wall Street lets out. It's literally a ghost town. Anyhow, I didn't want to pay for a taxi so I clutched onto my things and walked a few streets up to the subway. The entire time it was only me on the street, plus a lingering man in a trench coat and fedora smoking a cigarette. He stared at me as I walked past and could feel his eyes burning into my back as I picked up the pace. It sounds cliche but I felt like I was the victim in a Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes mystery novel. This is the first night in New York I can attest to feeling nervous or unsafe. I hurried to the subway and walked down two stories expecting to see more people but only to realize it was me, alone with two homeless men who had made beds on the floor. It was all too much so I ran back up to ground level and searched for a taxi. I learned my lesson. Next time I'm just crashing on the cousin's couch.

Sun is Shining!
Anytime I say this I automatically follow it by singing the rest of a song by Finley Quaye in my head. If you've never heard it you should look it up. Definitely a mood lifter. Last night I got two Valentines Day gifts in the mail. One from my mother, which included countless bags of candy, a sleeping mask to cover my eyes at night, socks, and money. It was exactly what I needed. I did tear into each bag and candy box individually, insisting with my cousin that we needed to try a sample of everything. I'm pretty sure he had a handful of nerds and an airhead. I ate the same... multiplied by five other types of candy so my stomach felt sick for the rest of the night. It reminded me of a time in college when someone's mom had sent them a large Sam's club pack of laffy taffy. Four of us sat in a circle puling out flavors and reading the jokes on the back. At the end someone said it was time to put them all back in the bag. I didn't realize I was the only one who had been eating every piece... story of my life. I'm surprised I don't have more cavities. Which reminds me, my mom also sent me dental floss. She knows me too well...

My friend Evan's mom, who- if you've never had the pleasure of meeting, is amazing. She is one of those people that can somehow find the balance of giving you honest advice while holding onto the greatness and positive opportunities that can also be achieved. She sent me a hilarious card with a Starbucks gift card inside. Perfect. On top of this, I got a really nice, motivating message when I woke up this morning. I am ready to conquer the world right now. I've always heard the saying "If you lay with the dog you get fleas," I think that is true to an extent but how about if you surround yourself with good people the energy is undeniable? I am VERY thankful for the people I have close to me at this point in my life. They are exactly what I need to help me stay focused. With that said, I have to go make a few phone calls, clean the kitchen & bathroom, attempt laundry, and return a temporary phone I bought when I thought I killed mine with coffee.

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