Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I can't wait to read the book Gypset Style.
Here is a brief synopsis of the "gypset life" and where it originated from in an interview with the author:
Gypset lifestyle references the 1960s but it is not a continuation. My book traces the wanderlust tendencies of the counterculture starting with the British romantic poets like Lord Byron and Percy Shelley who left England for more tolerant shores of Italy in the 1800s. The Victorian adventurers like Richard Burton and Jane Digby on up to the beatniks who lived in Tangier, and then on to the 1960s with hippies backpacking around India and Asia. All of these groups needed to go outside of society to find freedom and create. Gypsetters as a group really started to emerge in the 1990s when counterculture had become commodified. Places like St. Tropez or downtown New York City, once alternative refuges, had been taken over by bankers and real estate tycoons. The Gypsetters came along and said, that’s not luxury, that’s tacky. Real luxury isn’t for sale. It’s something that has soul and creativity.
So, in short, what should we do to live like a Gypsetter?
JC: Be spontaneous and wander.

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