Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Day 3:

I woke up to find snow on the ground and made it to Starbucks by 9:22 this morning when I was supposed to be meeting Dana's assistant Vladymir by 9:30. I was only capable of this because I arranged my subway trip online the night before (on the way home it was a different story taking an army of locals and two NYPD to steer me in the right direction). After realizing I didn't have his number or know what he looked like I texted my friend Courtney, knowing she'd be at work and able to check any emails from him. Of course, he had texted me at 2 A.M saying it'd be better to meet at 10 A.M. The funny thing about New York City is that these miscommunications or struggles throughout the day aren't frustrating. They allow an unexpected window to people watch, catch up with friends from back home, etc. I also discovered at that time that I can check email from my ghetto Go Phone. My good friend had written me an email and ended the normal catch up with...

"Please promise me you won't get too sucked into the celebrityism of fashion - like your worth or success is measured by whether Nicole Richie is considering wearing one of your ensembles to the post, post, post welcome home home party for Paris' lost Chihuaha."

It made me laugh and I'm glad I'm surrounded by people that will keep me grounded.
Luckily Vlad had saved my number from an email and gave me a ring when he got close. Against all odds, thinking he was of Russian decent, he was a svelte African American giant. It was a lot of fun running around to different fabric shops and picking out fabric samples for Dana's Fall line. I took pictures with my camera while Vlad held on to the swatches to give to her back the the office. All I had to do was get home, upload the pictures, and send them to her via email including the pricing and fabric content. This simple task became much more involved when my email service decided it was going to rebel against sending any pictures and I was eventually driven to an internet lunch cafe around the corner while I patiently waited to upload them on photobucket. It seemed like time was turning backwards and I felt inadequate. Two hours later, the task was complete and I'm so psyched to work with them again on Saturday for the photo shoot.

I'm attempting to make my room mate and I dinner tonight on a NYC budget. I gave him three choices and told him to pick two. I figured if it overlapped my top two we would have a decision made. Looks like cheddar grilled cheese on wheat with tomato bisque! It's going to be another lazy night of job searching...

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