Friday, February 5, 2010


DAY 5:

Today was one of the most uneventful ones I've had. I dragged myself out of bed this morning after a late night of studio searching and began calling all of the studios I had lined up for our potential photo shoot, as well as continuing the search for a hotel. After getting some free time to make breakfast I went towards the fashion district to pick up some hook & eyes, buttons, etc. from one factory to deliver to the next. In my excitement of getting new shoes and being adamant about tossing my Ugg boots to the curb I slipped on some heeled boots and a beanie in addition to my outfit sans shower. The two factories sounded close on paper, but once I arrived in the area I realized I was going to be doing a good amount of walking. I even became delusional and arrived at 237 instead of 247. I only realized this when I went to head to the 9th floor and realized it only went to the 7th floor. Great.

After that task I came home and crashed. Literally slept for a good 2 hours until I regained consciousness. Did I mention on my way home I stopped halfway up the stairs to kick off my heeled boots and continue the second half in socks? I woke up and sent out a few resumes. Soon after I received a frustrated call from my mom. The second half of the rent check I had written Mike on Tuesday had bounced. It was completely my fault, I thought my money had cleared by then. I realize as I enter this real world I might have to take money matters more seriously. I hate checking accounts, balances, writing bills, etc. Maybe I was supposed to live in the old days where if I wanted milk I went in the backyard. If i wanted new clothes I sewed them or traded my chicken's eggs for the latest fashion. Yes.... let's go back to this. Or, maybe I'll marry a nice gentlemen who enjoys these things. Or better yet. I will make enough money to pay someone to do this for me. Photo shoot is tomorrow at 8a.mmmm

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