Monday, February 15, 2010


I missed a few days in the whirlwind of an incredible weekend with Jacksonville visitors so it's time to play catch up!
Friday night I went blindly into a concert. No background on the band, just reliable recommendations. It was an amazing time and once again I caught myself staring at the walls, lighting fixtures, and ceilings of the building. Within my love of design I guess architecture has the ability to catch my attention just as easily as the newest fashion magazine.
The next day I woke up and tackled the Brooklyn Bridge, which I quickly discovered is a tourist attraction unlike the Williamsburg I dominated a few days earlier. People were setting up tripods and full on photo shoots while I aimlessly tried to keep my sneaker laces tied. Something I find hilarious is watching people with cold hands try to tie their laces or zip up a jacket. I can't stop laughing, much like when I see someone trip or slide on the ice. It's the look in their faces. I'm developing a terrible sense of humor correlating with the cold weather.
It also reminded me of a service dog video my friend sent me from youtube. The puppy could do almost anything for you- dress you, fetch papers, you name it. Sadly it was released and now surfs waves with paraplegics. Anyways, the point I'm getting it is that I wish I could hire a service dog for the winter season. All I wanted was a mutt to come zip up my hoodie so I could keep my hands in my pockets...

Saturday Dana had me calling around to a juvenile diabetes unit to try and get her in for Valentines Day. Apparently she has diabetes also and likes to bring in games and toys for the children in place of candy. This sounds easy enough, but I'm beginning to realize if it were she would do it herself. I called numerous numbers and left three messages regarding her purpose. I got zero call backs all day. Guess that means the diabetes unit was doing more than fine this Valentine Weekend?

This weekend I also got to ice skate and visit the Brooklyn Flea, both of which I've been excited to try and do. You can imagine my delight on the ice rink watching all of the embarrassing wipe outs. A particular favorite being a lanky Japanese man with a mohawk. I developed a sense of selfish adoration for him. Big tree fall hard. But he didn't ever give up, he only yelled and screamed louder with each fall. Don't judge me. I too used to question my character laughing at this but I think I'm in the clear now since I almost fell myself the other day. The BrooklynFlea was in an amazing old bank on three different floors and I was excited to find a nice little gift for my friend Cayla's upcoming birthday. Getting home ended up being a crazy adventure but eventually ended up taking the Staten Island Ferry back to Manhattan. I'd really like to do that again when it gets warmer because you get an awesome view of the Statue of Liberty. Who, by the way, you CANNOT climb up into. I always had this vision of waving my hand out her crown at the top of her head. Don't ask where I came up with this, I want to say it was in a movie. Those dreams have now been shattered so I just looked from afar.

In conclusion. Great weekend. Great food. Great people. Two weeks left to figure out my next move....
Current new obsession: Strawberry Serenity Kombucha and Rebelution
My friend Danielle had talked about this chinese tea rich in antioxidants so I scooped up a few flavors at Whole Foods.

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