Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stair Master

Day 4:

I almost didn't write tonight because I need to be doing work for my internship, which has devoured a large part of my day already. But if I don't do it now I'll forget stories or lose touch altogether so I've forced myself to type out a few lines.
Time is flying by. I've calculated that with rent I am paying about $40 a day to live in New York. The saying "Time is money" has never been so right. And I'm thrilled to have the whole city waiting for me at my doorstep.
I went to three different grocery markets last night before caving into the mainstream Whole Foods following. I get it now. It's much easier to pay the up charge instead of trying to read labels in a foreign language or double checking expiration dates. I DID however, find a Guava jelly in one of the spanish markets that I couldn't pass up and plan on giving the old school PB&J another try. The grilled cheese I made last night turned out delicious but I learned that the big knife I found to slice the cheddar was in fact my room mate's prize birthday gift: a $200.00 knife from Germany. I could only compare this mistake to him using one of my nicest heels to kill a cockroach, so I felt a little bad.

This morning I made my favorite breakfast. Eggs, spinach, salsa and avocados. I've also single handedly finished off the entire carton of orange juice. I'm hoping all of that Vitamin C puts my oncoming cold at bay. I received an email from Vlad to begin searching hotels for THIS weekend as in, today and Saturday for a certain price... after I send him a few options I am asked to look for a venue for the photo shoot Saturday in a particular area also, and THEN find a hotel close for the models. Sounds simple but it's taken up a majority of my day. Many people aren't willing to bargain when it's last minute, and the other 90% are already booked. I unpacked the two boxes of towels, pillows, and shoes that I had shipped up today. I am so psyched to toss my Uggs to the back of the closet. I'm sick of looking at them and ready for some new kicks.

I run into my UPS man everywhere around town and have begun to wonder if he's my soul mate.
Just kidding. Or I am....

The stairs are keeping me in check. If anyone in this city is out of shape they must be rich and afford taxis because all of the walking and climbing I've been doing is kicking my butt. The stairwell picture I posted with this is real and in no way exaggerated. Sixth floor people. I'm going to be the stair master come March...

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  1. I'm psyched to read about your NY adventures. You're an entertaining writer! Love them.