Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New York Diaries


Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. As far as the big city goes I suppose you either love it or hate it. There is one unanimous opinion, no matter who you are, where you come from, or how old you are that can be agreed upon. The city of New York has energy. It begins the moment you arrive and if you embrace it, it’s contagious. Boredom has immediately been lost from my language and is like a foreign dialect.

I arrived yesterday to meet Mike, my new roommate standing outside my new crash pad. He helped me haul my luggage up six narrow flights of stairs, and the older lady with the cane was more than happy to let us attempt this before she began the challenge. I made it half way up before Mike was back down to relieve me. My thighs were burning and I immediately think I’m going to have a great butt by the time swimsuit season rolls around. Current weather conditions: 28 degrees.

The apartment is perfect. Wood floors, a bohemian rug posing as a welcome mat, maps of yachting trips, and old records meet my gaze upon walking in the front door while the Rolling Stones are playing. My room has an antique chandelier. I have always claimed “when I grow up” I want a chandelier in every room (the Lighting District is my favorite block of New York City) needless to say- this place couldn’t suit me better. Mike left me a Not for Tourists Guide to NYC on my bed and helped me hang a curtain over one of my windows. We now both have one of our two windows covered, what a team player. As far as the NYC Guide, he’s probably saving himself from my phone calls of being dazed and confused, begging for directions in the city while he’s at work. I think this is a clever way to vanish this annoyance and disguise it as a nice gesture. Any doubts I had about this spontaneous trip have vanished. I am home.

Grabbed a quick bite to eat with my cousin a place called The China Star for dinner on Monday night. While we dined, a fluffy Maltese wearing a warm sweater labeled “Stud” sat at my feet. Typical. I convince myself this is a pet and not a menu item.

Day 2

I thought I was locked out of my place all day today because I, along with the UPS man who happened to catch me in the act, threw our bodies against the door while unlocking it and couldn't make it budge. Then the petite next door neighbor who is half my size opened it with ease. Apparently I was doing it wrong the entire time. At least I know now. My place has no television and I haggled a deal with one of our foreign neighbors for internet access to keep me connected to the outside world. He gained $20.00 and I gained his wi-fi password. Another piece of good news today is that the designer, Dana Maxx emailed me and wants me to work with her assistant tomorrow to get ready for Fashion Week. I can’t wait… Goodnight!

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